Nesbitt Avenue


Type New Building

Location Newark, NJ

Size 1,736,409 sq. ft.

Completion Conceptual

On the corner of Orange and Nesbitt Streets sits a property, which boasts views of the Manhattan skyline and has a long history of several uses throughout the past two centuries. Once a market area with a variety of peddlers selling goods to Newark residents, the site was later used as a Borden milk and juice processing and packaging plant starting in 1928, and eventually became a housing component factory used by the New Community Corporation, before its current use by the Newark Department of Public Safety and New Jersey Transit.

With plans for redevelopment buzzing, Marin Architects presented a creative conceptual design in order to attract train-goers and existing residents looking to reside in a more convenient location. This was done in consideration that the Newark Broad Street Train Station and Newark Light Rail are located just one block away.

Parallel to Williams Alley and Boyden Street, the property would house two L-shaped residential high-rises, a 16- and 18-story property totaling approximately 326,140 sq. ft. each, with trees surrounding the perimeter. The shopping centers next door to the residential housing was designed to have an abundance of convenient parking and a one-story café at the corner of Nesbitt and Orange Street for shoppers to relax and enjoy the landscaped surroundings.