Xadia Hotel

Xadia Hotel

Type New Development


Status In Progress

The Xadia Hotel is a luxury hotel development located at 58 West 39th Street in New York. The 42-story tower, which is slated for completion mid-2025, will feature panoramic views of the city across 173 luxury guest rooms, a rooftop bar and restaurant, a plaza, and an arcade. Its' unique cantilever façade illuminated by a intricately done lighting design will be visible along the Bryant Park skyline.

The design for The Xadia Hotel utilizes a high-impact design paired with clever navigation of New York City’s zoning laws. This ingenuity is realized with the addition of a 25-foot cantilever over the adjacent property, which substantially increases the building’s square footage and augments an additional 68 units. Ultimately, the 42-story Xadia pushes the boundaries of zoning and architecture to maximize every inch of available space and establish a new landmark in Midtown Manhattan.

Served by Marin Architects’ extensive experience in hospitality design and industry-leading knowledge of New York City zoning laws, The Xadia Hotel represents a new era of reimagination in New York City’s iconic Midtown.