191 Bruckner Boulevard


TYPE New Building


SIZE 118,500 sq. ft.

Among the old warehouses in Port Morris, a neighborhood in the South Bronx, there are hidden gems of history. The heart of U.S. piano manufacturing was located in the South Bronx during the late 19th century through the early 20th century, as well as the true tale of the HMS Hussar, a British paymaster ship that sank off the coast of Port Morris during the Revolutionary War, said to have been laden with a cargo of gold.

As time passed, Port Morris fell in disuse for a few decades, but recently, began a revitalization.

The South Bronx neighborhood is now home to hip-hop, The Clock Tower building (formerly the Estey Piano Factory), Silvercup Studios’ Bronx location, artists, and young professionals searching for a more inexpensive alternative to Manhattan. A need for nearby retail stores has arisen.

In answer to that need, Marin Architects is designing a mixed-use commercial building and shopping center to be constructed at 191 Bruckner Boulevard, between East 137th and East 138th Streets. The new building is estimated at 118,500 square feet.

In addition to design, Marin Architects is providing customary structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services. Municipal services being provided by Marin Architects includes approvals of sprinklers and fire alarm systems, builder’s pavement, site improvement, DOT, and Parks Department.

In an up-and-coming vibrant neighborhood, 191 Bruckner Boulevard will be an important and valuable asset, as well as one of its newest gems.