305 23rd Street

Brooklyn, NY

Type New Building

Location Brooklyn, NY

Size 20,000 sq. ft.

Completion 2021

Marin designed an attractive new 5-story boutique condominium building in the quiet Brooklyn neighborhood of South Slope. Being just steps from Green-Wood Cemetery, the building was designed to be understated, yet timeless, and to take advantage of the views of the peaceful greenspace without being disrespectful to the cemetery and surrounding neighborhood.

Given the bucolic surroundings, the building was designed to maximize open space, including wide balconies, private rooftop cabanas, and private terraces for the penthouse units. In contrast to the parklike views to the south and west, the northern views from the building overlook Manhattan and the windows facing this direction were placed to intentionally frame the Statue of Liberty.

As the building has no cellar, all amenities, including parking, laundry and a multi-use space for recreation and events, had to be incorporated into the ground floor.