Bartow Mall Shopping Center

Co-op City

Type Renovation

Location Co-op City, NY

Size TBC

Completion In progress

Bartow Mall Shopping Center is a cultural locale in the Bronx, near to Co-Op City, Baychester and Goose Island. The shopping center is conveniently located across from the Bay Plaza Shopping Center and Indoor Mall.

Marin Architects was asked to propose a design strategy for the shopping center’s store-front redevelopment. After analyzing the current aging retail and commercial spaces of the three shopping centers, as well comparing it to Bay Plaza Shopping Center, it quickly became apparent that these three shopping center buildings appeared to be quite obsolescent.

Marin’s vision for the redevelopment process consists of redefining the major circulation areas. The goal is to expose the full potential of retail and commercial space, as well as emphasize the shopping center’s multiple entrances to give each individual space a clear approach. By renovating the shopping center’s exterior building facades, connecting arcade spaces, adding an exterior lighting and retail signage system with cutting-edge technologies and materials, this will enable a clear direction for the Bartow Mall Shopping Center’s future growth and development. Additionally, redeveloping the potential outdoor public spaces will provide the community with a healthier and livelier activity space for public connection.