Simplicity comes from understanding. Combining architectural design and technical design expertise with municipal compliance capabilities, we distill complex concepts into intelligent, expressive solutions. We become your collaborators, identifying your needs and developing astute, straight-forward design responses. Through our collective coding, zoning and technical and conceptual knowledge we resolve intricately interrelated pieces into a seamlessly, cohesive whole.


Great design puts people at its center. We partner with you to explore your vision for your project, including unspoken needs and imagined possibilities. These become woven into our subsequent design through a process that balances form, function and external constraints. With a deep understanding of construction techniques and practices, our work embodies responsible design – with each project exhibiting a specific stylistic signature. The result is elegantly straight-forward, compellingly enduring and powerfully significant.


Every design problem has a technical solution. Our design and technical staff are engaged in a continuous dialogue, fashioning solutions underpinned by both the creative and the regulatory. With full-service technical architecture offerings spanning analysis, filings, permitting and approvals, we guide your project from concept to completion within a framework of exacting accountability. And with our 30-year experience with the New York City Municipal Agencies, we offer expedited outcomes across all areas of development and construction.

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Technical Offerings

  • Department of Buildings

    • Building Code & Zoning Analysis
    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits
    • Certificates of Occupancy
    • Letter of Completions
    • Violation Research and Removals
    • Contractor Registrations

  • NYC Housing Preservation & Development

    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits
    • Research

  • Department of Transportation

    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits
    • Violation Removals
    • Contractor Registrations

  • Department of Environmental Protection

    • Water and Sewer Approval and Permitting
    • Hydrant permits
    • Violation Removals

  • Department of Finance

    • Dividing and Merging Lots
    • New Air-Right Lots
    • Condominium Registrations and Amendments

  • Environmental Control Board

    • Hearing Representation
    • Violation Research and Removals

  • Parks Department

    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits
    • Violation Removals

  • Fire Department

    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits
    • Violation Research and Removals

  • Landmark Preservation Commission

    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits
    • Public Hearing/meeting
    • Notice of Compliance
    • Violation Research and Removals

  • City Planning Commission

    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits
    • Research

  • Board of Standards & Appeals

    • Filings, Approvals, and Permits

  • Office of the City Register

    • Zoning Exhibits and Easement Recordings

  • Borough President Office

    • Assigning address numbers to new buildings
    • Assigning new addresses to existing buildings
    • Verifying block, lot and address information for existing buildings.


  • Columbia University
    Northwell Health
    UA Builders
  • Stagg Group
    Bizzi and Partners
    City's Property Development
    JBS Development
  • Mount Sinai Adolescent Center
    Roosevelt Public Library
    Rite Aid
    Yum Brands
    Western Beef
  • BLDG
    Acacia Network
    Planet Fitness
    Ambrosino Construction
    The Apparel Group
  • MCM Worldwide
    TD Bank
    Big Island Grown